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This site offers information on mortgages, remortgages, equity release, buy to let and right to buy mortgages for the employed, self employed, those with non standard income and those with a bad credit history.

As well as those in regular employment with a clean credit history, some lenders will also accept those with non standard employment eg contractors or those with multiple jobs or those whose income consists largely of bonuses, overtime or commission etc.

There is a specialist mortgage market with the aim to help those with a bad credit history for example, county court judgements (ccj's), mortgage, rent or loan arrears, ex-bankrupts and those with IVA.

Most of the products that this site provides information about are available as fixed, variable, capped or base rate trackers while other mortgage types may be available depending on circumstances.

100% mortgages

100 % mortgages are available with variable, fixed, capped or tracker rates and are suitable for those who do not want or are unable to raise a deposit.

Buy to Let mortgages

Buy to Let mortgages are used to buy property which you then let out in the private rental sector. These are rarely available for more than 85% of the purchase price.

First Tme Buyer mortgages

First time buyer mortgages are available in a multitude of mortgage types and the amount which you can borrow normally depends on a multiple of your salary.

Home mover mortgages

Home mover mortgages are for people who are already on the property ladder but are looking to move to another property.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPP)

Mortgage Protection - Payment Protection insurance is there to protect your mortgage payments in the event that you are sick or become unemployed.


Getting a remortgage involves moving your mortgage to a different lender without actually moving house. Common reasons for people to remortgage include to get a better rate, to release equity or to consolidate debts.

Self Certification mortgages

Self certification mortgages and self employed mortgages are where you declare your own income to the lender often with very little proof of income. As well as the self employed these are also suitable for those with non standard income, for example those for whom bonuses, overtime or commission etc make up a large part of their income.

Right To Buy mortgages

Right to buy mortgages are for those who rent their home in the public or private rental sector and are eligible to buy the homes that they currently rent.

Equity Release

Equity Release - See if you can supplement your retirement income by using the equity tied up in your home.